When I was 15, I wrote. Terrible, terrible stories that hopefully never see the light of day. During my PhD project I started writing again. With the insight in mind that I could write publishable material – and that I really, really, wanted to be more experimental. Here is a selection of my favourite stories. A wider range can be found here.

One Step Beyond

I ventured out into writing with the „One Step Beyond“ series. Each story builds on the previous one and picks up threads and ideas. Here I have picked three that catch the tone of the series best.

The Desert

The count



Sure, robots are sexy. But they are also useful to think through some of the general issues we have with technologies. As our imagination allowed us to think of them as fully autonomous beings, larger than life, they enable us to test the waters, explore lines and borders and find ourselves. Here are four of my favourite robot stories to date that ask us: How will we interact with robots if they do exactly what we tell them to do?

RocCo – Reading at Near Future Fictions

Last Will & Testament

The Companion – Reading at Near FutureFictions

The Robot Doctor


Magic, machines and the apocalypse. My food stories have it all. Three very different stories that all pose questions about what we eat when we eat.


A Tale of Two Potatoes

Froog – Best Served Cold

Jewel – a superhero

Jewel started from the insight that superheroes are either super or rich. What happens if you not only only balance your responsibilites as a superhero, but also two jobs, caring responsibilites and/or debts? Here is a short selection of Jewel flash fictions that explore these scenarios.

The Mask

The Roof

Clean Up in Aisle 24


Well, you might have guessed from some of my zines that I am not too big a fan of surveillance. Here are some of my stories on the topic. And no, it is not all doom & gloom.

Flower Day

Death of Privacy