About Me

My name is Britta Schulte and I publish academic work as Britta F. Schulte and do design work as brifrischu. Though I work in many different formats from print via design fiction to craft, my work centers around the topics of

Design. Research. Dementia & Ageing, Craft & Activism.

I am interested in the question of how we can explore, research and discuss topics that are sensitive and complex, including, but not limited to

Intimacy. Sexuality. Care. Ageing. Technology. Autonomy.

To explore these issues and the way they interact with each other, I centered my PhD project around the question of: How can design fiction be used and evaluated in understanding sensitive settings? My PhD thesis Homes for Life & Other Stories – The Use and Evaluation of Design Fiction as a Means to Understand Senstive Settings: a Case Study of Exploring Technologies for Dementia Care is available here. Further publications on the topic can be found here.

My current research work at Bauhaus-University Weimar explores the question of how intimacy is mediated between people in elderly care and professional caregivers, working alongside the ReThiCare project.

Inspired by my research work, I write stories, publish zines and make things.

Follow me on twitter @brifrischu for news and updates or contact me via email info@brifrischu.de.