In this section you’ll find descriptions of all the zines I have made. But of course it is better to hold them in the hands, open them and dive in. Get in touch for a copy, if I have some left I am happy to send them out to you (for free – I am nice like that). I am also always interested in zine swaps, so get in touch if you would like to send me your goodies. If you want to be in a zine, scroll down for the calls for submission for future ideas.


Take Care #1 & 2

In my work I think a lot about robots, but not the scary gone-rogue kind. Instead I think about the scary doing-exactly-what-they-are-told kind of robot. I put some of these concerns into the first of the Take Care series, in which I write, draw, speculate about robots in care.

#1 comes in 12 b/w A5 pages of sketches, stories and reflections

For #2 I collaborated with Gosen to discuss technology and dementia. The result is a 20 b/w pages beauty with interviews, reports from our everyday work (researcher vs. nurse), stories and sketches.

Adventures in CCTVland

When I moved to London I was quite shoecked by the pervasiveness of CCTV cameras. I did a little experiment and counted all the cameras I encountered in a day, for a week. The results led me down a rabbit hole, so it felt only suitable to make a Alice in Wonderland themed zine about the experience.

#1 contains 12 A5 pages in colour, including reflections, illustrations, photography – and a sing-a-long.

#2 dives deeper into fiction and contains illustrations, poetry and flash fictions around the topic on 12 b/w pages.

DementiArt #1

For this zine I looked into art surrounding dementia, including both artworks that deal with the realities of dementia, such as Jenni Dutton’s Dementia Darnings as well as projects that are done with people living with dementia, such as Tommy Dunne. The zine contains of 7 lose sheets packed in a paper bag, including postcards and stickers. Only very few left of the original limited series of 100.

Dementia & Privacy

As part of my PhD I undertook a study at the Chaos Communication Congress about monitoring technologies and their impact on the privacy of those living with dementia. As the results were all different, I thought that this topic might be relevant to a broader audience. The mini-zine contains a couple of scenarios to think through technologies and their impact as well as a „Privacy Living Will“ to note down decisions and maybe share them with your loved ones?

Still Me but Enby

As my first perzine, this mini-zine contains some reflections on gender that I made while I started to identify as non-binary. It was my first one to be made completely analogue.

Call for Submissions

Let’s make all the zines. In addition to the glorious zines I share above, I am interested in making more on the topics beyond. And I need your help with this. I do not (yet) pay for submissions as I give all the zines away for free, but you get free copies of the resulting zines. I am happy to reprint previously published material if you have permission to do so. Get in touch via info@brifrischu.de.

My gender is concerns

How many web forms do you fill in? How many leave you reeling? If you are non-binary or in any other way gender non-comforming it might be quite a bit. Many webforms enforce a binary title and this adds to the feeling of being invisible, unimportant, wrong. In a zine called „my gender is concerns“ I want to address this, both from the point of view of those who struggle with it every day and those who develop these sites to explain what is happening and what we might do about it. I am looking for submissions of text (fiction or non-fiction) of what these sites do to you, what you would like to see instead, how we might go about changing it, as well as examples you came across. If you would like to read more, head over here.

Adventures in CCTVland #3

Street suveillance via CCTV or other systems is a common occurance for many people. After sharing my examples of living in London in the first two zines, I would like to expand my view – and that of my readers. If you have fiction, non-fiction, illustrations or drawings you would like to share, please get in touch – or read on here.

Take care #3 Utopias

Through my research I think a lot about technologies in elderly care settings. In my first zine I think critically about robots, while in the second one I turn more to the reality of care (apart from when I don’t do it ;-)). In my newest project I want to turn to the future and the positive. What would your favourite future of growing old look like? Shiny machines? A large garden? Go into space (click on here for a flash fiction on the topic)? Send me your stories, illustrations, collages, anything I can print. Read on here for more information.